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Ultimate Wedge
Ultimate Wedge



Item Number as shown: CMP54M


Product Details

The Ultimate Wedge Comic Fixture is made of Melamine

Finishes: Hard Rock Maple, Black (pictured) or White

48" Width x 24" Depth x 72" Height

Features Nine shelves, 1.5" deep with 6" of rise

Comes with five removable dividers

Storage bottom with sliding doors.­

Additional features and finishes available upon request­

Additional Features

CMP54B                                                             $655.00

Made of Clear Finished Birch, Maple or Oak veneer plywood.­

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One of our three wedges, the Ultimate Wedge bears a raised appearance thanks to the storage base underneath. This comic fixture is perfect for displaying an array of graphic novels in its potentially 36 pockets. Complements our range of store fixtures and fits great in comic shops, bookstores, and other retail environments.