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Short Stuff
Short Stuff



Item Number as shown: CM41650HB


Product Details

Short Stuff Comic Fixture Made of Clear Finished Birch, Maple or Oak veneer plywood.

48" Width x 16" Depth x 50" Height

60 Pockets, 1" deep

Five removable dividers

Additional features and finishes available upon request­

Additional Features

CM41650HM   (pictured)                                                  $415.00 Short Stuff Comic Fixture made of Melamine

Finishes: Hard Rock Maple, Black or White



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Our smallest comic wedge fixture in terms of height, the Short Stuff can still bear up to 60 one-inch deep pockets with the removable dividers--the shelf space offered by this case can store a lot of graphic novels as a result. The wedge design fits every retail setting and compliments our other comic fixtures.