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Mega Bin



Item Number as shown: CMB42438-6M


Product Details

Mega Bin made of Melamine

Finishes: Hard Rock Maple, Black or White

49" Width x 24" Depth x 38" Height

Six bins, 7.5" wide each

Storage base with sliding doors

Additional features and finishes available upon request­

Available Options

CMB42438-6B                                                           $705.00

Made of Clear Finished Birch, Maple or Oak veneer plywood.



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One of our most popular comic fixtures, the Mega Bin is perfect for both display and storage purposes in any retail setting. The six bins of this back issue case can hold a high volume of graphic novels in addition to various other media such as games, Blu-rays and DVDs, and more; the storage base underneath provides a great amount of extra storage as well. This essential fixture is great for any comic or pop-culture-oriented store.