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Comic Short Box Display

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Short boxes are the go-to container for any comic store, as they can hold large amounts of comics and can be displayed and transported to and from conventions with little effort. This brand new fixture complements that idea by allowing simple access for customers and versatility for display options. The boxes are easily placed into and removed from the two drawers, providing a great amount of space for a large volume of graphic novels.

NEW Design!




Item Number: CBB372238M


Product Details

Short Box Display Comic Fixture made of Melamine

Finishes: Black or White

37" Width x 22" Depth x 38" Height

Fully Assembled

Holds 12 Short Box comic boxes

Safety interlock allows only one drawer open at a time

Additional features and finishes upon request­

Available Options

CM422438B                                                       $760.00

Made of Clear Finished Birch, Maple or Oak veneer plywood (shown)


Comic Short Box fixture